45 Years of Sustainable Growth

45 Years of Sustainable Growth

Did you know that Heritage was founded before the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) environmental regulations were passed in 1976?

Award Winning Transportation

Award Winning Transportation

Heritage Transport, LLC (a subsidiary of Heritage Environmental Services) was honored with a 2015 SmartWay® Excellence Award for outstanding...

Zero Landfill

Zero Landfill and beyond to Zero Waste, we can show you how to embrace sustainability.

Heritage Materials Managment

Regardless of your company's industry, Heritage has the expertise, experience and technology to assist you in achieving your recycling goals.

Project Management

Our environmental and industrial experts can help you with your non-routine clean-up and improvement projects using innovative technology and services.

Heritage LifeCycle Mailback

Our LifeCycle program focuses on sustainability, simplicity and convenience for the customer, while assuring that safety and compliance come first.

Control Cost

Our customers experience significant decreases in their waste management costs. Many have moved from paying for waste removal services to receiving...

Innovation, Sustainability, Responsibility

Heritage Interactive Services, LLC is a comprehensive management company for waste, water conservation and energy use reduction. We help our Customers achieve Zero Landfill and Zero Waste goals by custom developing recycling, reuse, composting and resale programs for all types of products. Using our extensive supplier network, we manage all our customer...

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  • Piazza Produce, Inc. is a very satisfied client of IS2 Data and highly recommends their Dashboard data tracking and metrics program to any businesses or organizations... Scott Lutocka
  • Heritage Interactive Services, Inc. has been an incredible corporate and community sponsor for SIA and the greater Lafayette community. Through their innovative... Richard A. Johnson
  • Heritage Interactive Services epitomizes perfection in a business partnership. By redirecting materials within the production and disposition processes, the Interactive... Holly Elmore

Our Management Sustainability Impact

  • Over 160,000 Cars off the Road per Year

  • Over 100,000 Homes Annual Energy Usage Saved

  • 91 Million Gallons of Gasoline Saved

  • Almost 2 Million Barrels of Oil Saved

  • 4,000 Rail Cars of Coal Saved

  • Over 10,000 Tanker Trucks of Gasoline Saved

  • Over 8,200 Acres of Forest Saved